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Death Care Industry and Funeral News

Our goal is to keep our readers up to date on relevant death care industry and funeral news. While fraudulent practices among funeral providers ought to be the last thing on your mind as you grieve for a lost loved one, the sad reality is that many companies will seek to take advantage of you at this vulnerable time. Don’t let the heartlessness and greed of funeral providers worsen an already difficult situation. We’ll help you learn to identify possible offenders who are more interested in receiving your payment than in providing the respectful service that honors your loved one. 

We don’t present this information to suggest that there aren’t reputable companies who follow laudable funeral practices. However, we hear about enough horrific experiences and funeral Ponzi schemes to understand that you and your family need to be on alert if you are planning the burial or cremation of a loved one.

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An Archive of the Stories You Need to Read

Death Care Industry and Funeral NewsWe hope that our archive of materials will help to inform our readers about the nefarious practices of companies that swindle families in their time of grief. The average cost of a traditional funeral is high enough already. Even a cursory glance at the latest funeral news reveals that the business of saying goodbye is a thriving industry that places heavy demands on the cash and credit of the bereaved.

Don’t let unscrupulous funeral directors take more than their share when, through the loss of your loved one, you have given too much as it is. As many of our readers have had to find out, dealing with funeral companies often makes the situation needlessly more distressing. 

Your Source for Death Care Industry News

If you feel that you have been taken advantage of by a funeral home, you are not alone. A growing community of families has had enough with the funeral industry, and they are making their voices heard. In our archive, you may find a story that reads much like your own. 

By sharing stories, we hope we can expose the funeral homes for their profit-driven exploitation of emotionally fragile individuals. We also hope that, for those of us who have already experienced this abuse of trust, our stories help to bring solace. Few things are more inhumane than capitalizing on other’s misfortune. We believe that together we can make a difference.

Contact us to learn important information about fraudulent funeral industry practices. We produce our funeral industry publications for readers nationwide.