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Unethical Funeral Ponzi Schemes

During the difficult time after a loved one passes, you rely on professionals to help you with the funeral details. There are businesses, however, that put their emphasis on the bottom line and take advantage of those who are grieving. 

If you have been affected by funeral Ponzi schemes, we want to know about it. We want to be able to provide you with the proper information, so the memorial or burial process goes as easy as possible for you. That is the least you should expect during your difficult time.

Unethical practices should not be tolerated, and we make it our mission to make that unsavory information available, so no one has to be subjected to such heartless methods. No company should take advantage of your grief and agony in order to elevate their financial gain.

How to Be Sure That Funeral Costs Are Legitimate

You aren’t always supposed to know that someone is taking advantage of you. Funeral Whistleblowers Intelligence is committed to "blowing the whistle" on the funeral industry about the control they have on a massive industry that affects each and every person. 

Even though you are going through a very tough time, you will need to be diligent in researching a business to ensure they are not using fraudulent funeral industry practices. It’s necessary to compare them with their counterparts so that you are not being taken advantage of and overcharged.

Identify Possible Funeral Home Offenders

There are some ways you can tell if a funeral business is being less than honest. Federal law requires that a funeral home provides you with three pricing lists; one for the goods and services they offer, one for caskets, and a third for liners or “outer burial containers.” 

Use extreme caution when pre-paying and don’t let yourself be bullied to pay ahead unless you can have legal documentation provided that there will be no hidden, additional costs at the time of your passing. Even with well-established, legitimate funeral homes, you need to consider: "If you retire out of state, will your prepaid funds be honored? 

If there are any red flags or bully tactics, you can contact us and let us know, and we will be glad to make that information public, so no one has to go through it. We can advise you that it’s important to obtain at least three to four price lists to be sure you are not being misled.

Contact us for information regarding reputable businesses for burial procedures. We produce our funeral industry publications for readers nationwide.